Fremantle’s West End – Nicoletta Pizzuti – Thur 2-5pm

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Fremantle’s West End: a methodologic approach to conservation and adaptation of heritage buildings.

“Imbued with a message from the past, the historic monuments of generations of people remain to the present day as living witnesses to their age-old traditions.

People are becoming more and more conscious of the unity of human values and regard ancient monuments as a common heritage. The common responsibility to safeguard them for future generations is recognized. It is our duty to hand them on in the full richness of their authenticity”.

 Venice Charter, IInd International Congress of Architects and Technician of Historic Monument, Venice, 1964.


In 2014, the City of Fremantle submitted an application to the Heritage Council for the inclusion in the State Register of Heritage Places, of the Fremantle’s West End Area (WEA).

This precinct includes a large number of well-preserved historic buildings with great cultural heritage significance, erected near the harbor from the late XIX century.

Currently only twenty-two buildings in the WEA are already registered while the eligibility of further two hundreds is currently being assessed.


Focusing on historical, stylistic, and technical aspect of the buildings the present research aims to unveil the cultural values, limits and prospective, in the broader context of the state‒ and local‒ policies.

We will start with a comparative analysis, of the various properties listed for the assessment of cultural heritage significance, between the buildings already-registered and those under assessment. In particular, during the present studio we will deal with:

  • Theory of Restoration;
  • National and international charters of Restoration;
  • State and local policies for conservation and management of heritage buildings;
  • Local and State authorities
  • Survey techniques
  • Documentation and representation of historical buildings


The studio will:

  • Create appropriate graphic documentation for heritage inventory and conservation;
  • Develop a requalification/adaptation proposal of the selected building(s) analysed.