Michelle Blakeley

Studio Project:

Low- rise high-density low-income affordable housing

“The architect’s primary goal is to improve people’s way of life by assessing both social needs and human desires, as well as political, economic and environmental issues.”  Alejandro Aravena, Pritzker Prize Laureate, 2016

This design studio  project offers opportunities

    • To explore urban renewal through a new interpretation of an old urban setting. The site is a vacant lot owned by the State Government, managed by Department of Community Services and allocated for Future Road Development. Therefore, it is not within the prescript of the R-Codes WA zoning requirements.
    • To demonstrate, that you, as an architect, can make a valuable contribution to the community as well as the physical and psychological wellbeing of people living in that community.
    • The principles of return on financial investment mean that low-income housing requires low-cost construction which must rely on the architectural design to provide an enriching environment for the occupants as well as innovative and efficient building solutions.
    • To plan and design the spaces of daily life – connections, access routes, shared spaces, private spaces – light sources, ventilation, views, patios, terraces, gardens, shade, staircases, paths, entrances, play areas, hobby workshops, outdoor living, food gardens, exercise areas, contact with nature.
  • To work outside pre-conceived ideologies and formalism to design residential housing which provides the occupants with what they need and not what is fashionable.

Thursday 2-5pm


Michelle’s experience as Project Architect and Designer spans urban design, master planning, strategic planning, heritage and built form. She currently has her own practice with a focus on questioning traditional assumptions about housing design in Australia, exploring alternative housing solutions and the relationship of a building with its context. A major initiative is her pro-bono work on homeless and low-income housing models with not-for-profit agencies. Previously, she has worked with Donaldson + Warn (now With Architects) and CODA Studio.

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