Andrea Quagliola and Emiliano Roia

Studio Project:

STUDIO TITLE:  Forest-like Ventures

STUDIO BRIEF: The studio will investigate the design of a mid-rise residential building, exploring the visual, structural and tactile qualities of wood.

STUDIO PHILOSOPHY: The studio is conceived as a workshop, where the sharing of knowledge and work in class is a critical part of the creative process.

 The design path and its communication will be articulated through a design methodology based on four key points and a clear understanding of the Design Question:

A-      Place

(Understanding of the place; detecting those elements of the place that can become “project tools for your design”)

B-       Program

(Understanding the required program; interpretation of the program from a design and compositional point of view)

C-       Concepts to aim

(Understanding of what the project will convey/ the people experience)

D-      Design Answer

 This design methodology aims to define a common ground of critical and design thinking, shared among the participants, with the intention of creating coherence to both the design proposal and its communication. This approach (Key Points) is based on “intention” and “selection” during the design process, and clarity in the communication of the project, both graphically and verbally.

The Studio Title is borrowed from The Experience of Architecture, H.Plummer 2016.

Monday 10am-1pm and Thursday 101m-1pm

Note: this is a double studio



Graduated in Architecture at La Sapienza University of Rome and worked with Nemesi Studio. He taught at La Sapienza and since 2014 collaborates at Lab-A (international workshop architecture and landscape) in Spain with RCR Arquitectes and photographer Hisao Suzuki. In 2007 he moved to Australia where he is currently Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia. He works between Italy and Australia.


Completed his studies in Architecture at La Sapienza University of Rome, worked at Nemesi Studio and taught at La Sapienza. In 2003 he moved to Australia where he is currently Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia. Registered Architect in both Italy and Australia, he is based in Perth and directs MORQ in Australia.

We are dedicated to the making of architecture: meaningful spaces within simple and thoughtful buildings. In dialogue with existing conditions, whether natural or built, we see constraints as a starting point for our design, rather than impediments to our creativity. We like spaces that are intimate yet open, engage with shades of natural light, change throughout the day and are activated by the emotive and sensorial qualities of materials.

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