Simon Anderson

Studio Project:

Housing (for most) Now

If architects want to make a difference in the world then the best place to work is in mass housing. There are many speculative ideas for future housing in Perth, and elsewhere. This project aims to go beyond ideas and develop innovative designs that are feasible and sustainable now in Perth. They will be feasible in that they will meet the recommendations of best practice development economics. They will be sustainable in that they will meet the recommendations of Design WA draft State Planning Policy 7 and draft apartment design policy. They will be compliant with the Residential Codes and the National Construction Code. They are not for the social, affordable or subsidised housing sectors; they are for the mass market.

The project’s innovation lies in bringing together professionals from across the construction industry to design quality mass market housing in selected Perth precincts. The teaching will feature input from land and development economics, market analysis, infrastructure, land surveying, engineering, environmental modelling, life cycle costing, compliance, construction.

Students will design fully compliant, visualised and detailed housing projects for development ready sites in Perth. The designs will contain 20-120 houses on existing sites of 1500-3500 sqm producing densities of R125-350.


Simon Anderson has taught and practised architecture at UWA since 1986. He has: won University and national awards and citations for excellence in teaching; won awards, prizes and commendations for buildings and competition designs for residential, multi-residential, institutional and industrial buildings; curated major architectural exhibitions; exhibited buildings and projects internationally; written on contemporary Australian architecture; authored expert opinions; produced competition briefs; been an elected councillor of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) for a decade. Additionally he has numerously and frequently been a design award juror, design competition judge, and professional journal editor and advisor.

He was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts at UWA from 2010-6 and is retiring from the University in November 2019 in order to concentrate on private practice.

Monday 2-5pm

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