Tristan Morgan

Studio Project:

Design in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The studio will explore the future of architectural design practice within a rapidly changing 21st century marked by massive disruption and the urgent and competing concerns of total automation, end-stage capitalism, global-warming, and imminent and irreversible material shortages.  Within a world whose population is set to double over the next 50 years, and whom we will need to shelter, feed, and employ, we will explore opportunities for positive and lasting change driven by design thinking and technological advances.  Students will develop high-level planning and development strategies for the redevelopment and re-purposing of a historically valuable inner-city site.  They will then choose part of this site and strategy to develop a detailed architectural response that considers current and future contexts.

The studio tackles very real issues facing architectural design practice over the next 50 years.  Students will engage with themes of future architectural design technology, economic and cultural disruption, new hybridised business models for designers, integration within AEC industries, innovation in design and construction, the fourth industrial revolution, and new material paradigms for the 21st and 22nd centuries.

Thursday, 5pm – 8pm


Tristan is the National Design Technology Innovation Lead and Perth Computational Design Specialist at Cox Architecture, co-founder of the if/LAB research and computation group, and currently completing his doctoral research at UWA.  His primary research concerns are the human-machine-material interfaces encountered during design-to-fabrication workflows, history and theories of the digital, strategic approaches to innovation in architecture and technology, and future trajectories within architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries.  Tristan holds a Master of Architecture from UWA, where he has been a member of the sessional teaching group since 2008.